Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2016

The value-priced 2016 Chardonnay Katherine’s Vineyard comes from a site in the Santa Maria Valley and spent 7 months in 20% new French oak. Ripe orchard fruits, brioche, honeysuckle, creamed corn, and spice all flow to a beautifully balanced, elegant Chardonnay that has a great texture, no hard edges, and a great finish. It’s slightly commercial and straightforward, yet it’s impeccably made and certainly delicious.

Katherine’s Vineyard, named for Katie Jackson in 1986, consists of ancient soils with fossilized seashells, shale, limestone and sand, with fog-swept vines that have endured since the 1970s. This unique piece of land thrives in the cool, maritime influences that funnel in from the Pacific Ocean, allowing for the longest growing season in the state

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