Aurora Cannabis Inc ~ (ACB)

Production Capabilities

Aurora shows its current production capacity at 120,000 kg/year, but then has a staggering mid-2020 production capacity of 500,000+ kg/year, which is agreed upon by this article published by Forbes. That is over four times growth in just over a year, so it may not seem feasible now, but the additions of the Aurora Sun and Aurora Nordic 2 facilities should help the company accomplish these goals.

Both these facilities are over 1,000,000 square feet and some of the largest that Aurora will have in its fleet of nine others. The two additions, plus advanced cultivating techniques, include a process that can affect every variable including accurately controlling the nutrients, lighting, humidity, temp, and air flow to yield the most from every harvest. According to an article by The Motley Fool, it believes that Aurora can produce over 700,000 kg/year by mid-2020, which would be over 8.5 times growth. Aurora has a long tradition of increasing production with increased demand, so if the market demand, so if the market demanded 700,000 kg of marijuana, I believe Aurora could provide that.

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