Category: Mutual Funds

BIAWX – Brown Advisory Sustainable Growth Fund Investor Shares ~ Qty 105.55

Top 10 Holdings As of 08/31/2019

CompanyYTD Return
(as of 09/25/2019)
% of Assets
Microsoft Corp+37.21%5.06%
American Tower Corp+40.36%4.96%
Danaher Corp+39.59%4.70%
Visa Inc Class A+32.85%4.50%
Intuit Inc+35.35%4.46% Inc+17.73%4.03%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc+26.16%3.84%
Verisk Analytics Inc+44.72%3.81%
Alphabet Inc A+19.23%3.67%
UnitedHealth Group Inc-10.82%3.52%

PREFX – T. Rowe Price Tax-Efficient Equity ~ Qty 100.61

Top 10 Holdings As of 06/30/2019

CompanyYTD Return
(as of 09/25/2019)
% of Assets Inc+17.73%3.09%
Visa Inc Class A+32.85%2.51%
Alphabet Inc Class C+20.37%2.51%
Facebook Inc A+39.45%2.40%
Mastercard Inc A+44.58%2.17%
Microsoft Corp+37.21%2.08%
UnitedHealth Group Inc-10.82%1.33%
Boeing Co+19.75%1.09%
The Home Depot Inc+32.76%1.03%
NVIDIA Corp+33.51%1.03%

BIAGX – Brown Advisory Growth Equity Fund ~ Qty 67.99

Top 10 Holdings As of 08/31/2019

CompanyYTD Return
(as of 09/25/2019)
% of Assets
Microsoft Corp+37.21%4.52%
Visa Inc Class A+32.85%4.49%
Zoetis Inc Class A+45.87%4.46%
SBA Communications Corp+51.96%4.45% Inc+17.73%4.03%
Roper Technologies Inc+33.65%3.76%
PayPal Holdings Inc+23.84%3.75%
Intuit Inc+35.35%3.68%
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc+26.16%3.66%
Sherwin-Williams Co+38.40%3.45%

JENSX – Jensen Quality Growth ~ Qty 42.891

Top 10 Holdings As of 08/31/2019

CompanyYTD Return
(as of 09/25/2019)
% of Assets
PepsiCo Inc+22.28%6.93%
Becton, Dickinson and Co+12.71%6.79%
Microsoft Corp+37.21%6.65%
United Technologies Corp+28.50%5.56%
Johnson & Johnson+1.50%5.26%
UnitedHealth Group Inc-10.82%4.67%
3M Co-13.93%4.55%
Oracle Corp+19.25%4.45%
Accenture PLC Class A+35.36%4.00%
Stryker Corp+39.04%3.85%


Most of the companies in the portfolio are recognizable: think Google, Apple, and Costco. But name recognition isn’t everything—above all, the price has to be right for the fund managers to bite. Although the fund is categorized as large-cap growth, manager Kenneth Stuzin also pays attention to stock valuation

This fund maintains a fairly concenctrated portfolio of just a few dozen stocks. Since its 1999 inception, the fund has fared moderately well, beating the S&P 500 and its category over the past decade. The fund has returned 14.01 percent over the past five years and 15.49 percent over the past decade.

PREFX ~ T. Rowe Price Tax-Efficient Equity

PREFX ~ T. Rowe Price Tax-Efficient Equity

The investment seeks to maximize after-tax growth of capital through investments primarily in common stocks.The fund seeks to buy and hold for the long-term stocks of attractively valued, high-quality growth companies. It typically uses a growth approach in selecting investments by looking for companies with one or more of the following characteristics: a demonstrated ability to consistently increase revenues, earnings, and cash flow; strong management; attractive business niches; and a sustainable competitive advantage.