(NBEV) New Age Beverages & (WMT) Walmart

News from New Age Beverages (NASDAQ:NBEV) that it had signed distribution deal with Walmart (NYSE:WMT), its first national arrangement, couldn’t help but put some fizz in the NBEV stock price.

“This is just the first initiative that we expect to do with them on the Marley brand and other New Age products on which we are in active discussions,” said Craig Thibodeau, New Age’s VP of Key Accounts, in the press release. 

It’s a big deal for sure. And Walmart expects a lot, as InvestorPlace contributor Will Healy noted in January, advising that all owners of NBEV stock might want to reconsider their expectations in the weeks and months ahead.

Thanks to the Walmart deal and NBEV’s $85 million acquisition of Morinda Holdings, CEO Brent Willis expects revenue to grow to around $320 million in 2019. Of course, he didn’t say how much it will lose.

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